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Zero Magnetic is a state of being, a state of mind. Arrived at through a decision, followed by preparation, practice and experience. In a Zero Magnetic state one neither attracts nor repels, intentionally. In this state one thinks big, plans big and acts on a large scale: for the sake of others. One travels light, is not distracted by personal anything, as much as possible. Confessing that one will never become perfect is no license to stop improving. One does not need to join a religion to become Zero Magnetic - one need not join anything, but will probably need to leave some things. Originally one had a small voice inside, to guide one. Over time, unheeded, this atrophied; and one replaced it with small voices of one's own invention: voices which reinforced one's imaginary magnetic field. A Zero Magnetic begins to hear again the original independent small voice, and heeds it. Others will measure themselves against a Zero Magnetic. For some this will prove inspiring. Others will take offence: become enemies, critics. Listen to them (in spite of their motives).
Devoting one's life to a worthy goal is more important than achieving it - do achieve it. There is but one part of the universe one can be certain of controlling - with effort: oneself. Succeed at this and one will be equipped to take on the rest of the universe. Make of yourself someone who you would genuinely like to be, who is also genuinely you. After being Zero Magnetic for awhile one will discover one is a better person than one imagined possible; more effective too. There will come colleagues, fellow missioners, friends, co-workers: all will help. Some will share your vision, others will be along for the ride: none is likely to be Zero Magnetic. All will judge according to their own standards. Never play to these. One's standard is the only benchmark: Unselfish - absolute; Honest - absolute; Loving - absolute; Pure - absolute.
[If it were known who is writing this: might provoke laughter in some quarters.
Is the author Zero Magnetic - working at it - have been for a long time.]
If you set out on this course, and stay it: you will pobably meet other Zero Magnetics (every generation produces a few, and they have a way of finding one another.) When you have been Zero Magnetic for awhile you will be able to pick them out of history, and recognise contemporaries. Test them. Fair winds.

PS: Do Zero Magnetics ever stray off course? The journey is long, distractions, temptations and uncharted waters abound: YES. What to do about it? No matter how far off course one has strayed, or for how long: there is always a right course near to hand. Go to it. Correct the errors, repair the damage, ask for forgiveness, pay the cost. Then forgive oneself and get on with things. Remembering that one is no better than when one was off course, and no worse than before one strayed.

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